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ParentingU is a podcast where we sit down with doctors and experts to talk about important topics that all parents face. We're here to help you navigate this amazing journey we call parenting.

Aug 9, 2022

S3E1 Parenting is a journey, and breastfeeding a newborn baby is one possible step on that journey. Many new moms have lots of questions about breastfeeding, and first time Moms often need support and encouragement as they start to breastfeed their baby. On this episode we speak to Dr. Gregory Gelpi, MD FAAP, an Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health pediatrician with special training in breastfeeding, and Becca Miller, SLP, a Certified Lactation Counselor to answer the most common breastfeeding questions.

Access breastfeeding support across our health system:

At ParentingU, we believe a fed baby is best. This episode is geared towards moms who are choosing to breastfeed their baby. Whatever choice you make for your baby, we want to provide help and support for you along your parenting journey.

Some of the questions answered on the episode

  • What are some of the benefits of breastfeeding?
  • Does breastfeeding hurt? What should I do if breastfeeding hurts?
  • Can my regular doctor answer my breastfeeding questions?
  • What are some of the common breastfeeding milestones? What happens the first day, the first week, and the first two weeks?
  • Barely anything is coming out of my breasts. Is this normal? Is my newborn baby getting enough?
  • What are some common positions to breastfeed?
  • Arrg! This is so frustrating! Who can I talk to right now about breastfeeding?
  • What can the baby’s dad do to help? What are some ways other family members can support me breastfeeding my baby?
  • How can I get connected to lactation counseling information?

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