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ParentingU is a podcast by Our Lady of the Lake Children's Health, where we sit down with doctors and experts to talk about important topics that all parents face. We're here to help you navigate this amazing journey we call parenting.

Feb 17, 2022

Please note: This episode was recorded February 2, 2022.

Bonus episode: Parents have lots of questions about the COVID-19 vaccine for their children, and Our Lady of the Lake understands and encourages parents to seek out the information they need. On this special episode of ParentingU, we answer many of the most common questions that arise about COVID vaccination, and even have part of the show dedicated to teens (who might have questions of their own.)

Host Stephanie shares some of the most current information available on COVID from Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health and from our own Dr. Michael Bolton, a pediatric infectious disease specialist. Since getting the vaccine is a personal decision for you and your family, ParentingU wants to ensure you have accurate information to guide your decisions.

Some of the questions answered on the show:

- Is the vaccine safe and effective for children?

- Didn’t they rush this vaccine through without complete testing?

- Our family already went through COVID. Do we still need to get vaccinated?

- Since children are at relatively low risk from COVID, why would my child get vaccinated?

- My child hates shots. Why put them through another one?

- Is this the same shot adults are getting?

- Do teens need the COVID vaccine?

- Does the vaccine have unknown long term effects, including possible fertility issues?

- What do parents need to know for their own family when discussing the vaccine?

These questions and more are answered on the show.

Additional Resources

- Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health has a helpful FAQ on the COVID-19 vaccine. Click here for the FAQ:

- Does your child hate getting shots? We have a special blog post to help you prepare your child for “pokes.” Read the post here:

- Our Lady of the Lake offers video visits! Find telemedicine information here:

-  The Louisiana Department of Health and the Louisiana Department of Education have information for parents.

- The Centers for Disease Control continues to be a good resource for parents:

We hope you find this Bonus episode of ParentingU informative and timely. You can hear all episodes of ParentingU on our website or on your favorite podcast app including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Podcasts.

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